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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How long does my hair need to be before getting waxed?

A: Your hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch. That is at least a 2 week grow out. However, if your hair is longer this is not a problem at all.


Q: What type of wax do I use?

A: I use a professional soft wax for every service except for nostrils and ears. For these services, I use hard wax.


Q: How frequently should I schedule my appointments?

A: There are 4 hair cycles, meaning that all your hair doesn't grow at once.

Keeping your appointments scheduled every 4-6 weeks will make keeping fuzz-free easier. Hair cycle growth will vary from person to person. I will get a better feel for your hair cycles the more you come in. 


Q: Should I shave or trim in-between visits?


A: No! Shaving or trimming can mess up the hair cycles we've worked so hard to keep under control. If you feel the need to shave we can get your appointments booked closer together.


Q: Is there an age limit for getting waxed or sugared?


A: I wax and sugar all ages. However, if you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign permission for you to get waxed or sugared. This same parent or guardian must be present inside the salon location in order for me to perform the service.


Q: What is Sugaring?

A: Sugaring is a hair removal method that uses a paste made from sugar, lemon, and water to remove all unwanted hair. 

Q: What is the difference between a Bikini, Bikini-Tight, and a Brazilian?

A: Bikini- The hair that pokes outside of your underwear or swimwear is taken.

Bikini-Tight- The hair along the edges is taken in a bit more than where your underwear or swimwear line would sit. I take more off the top and shape things up a bit. This also includes between the cheeks.

Brazilian- Everything is taken on the top and labia including between the cheeks.


Q: Can I get waxed or sugared on my period?

A: Yes! You can wear a tampon during your appointment if you're comfortable. You can be more sensitive while on your period, so if you have low pain tolerance we can schedule around your period!


Q: How should I handle waxing and sugaring before a special event?


A: I recommend coming in at least twice before the big day. This helps us both to see how your skin reacts to the waxing or sugaring. 


Q: Can I take Tylenol before my appointment?


A: Yes! Take Tylenol 30 min before your appointment. It may help out just a bit.


Q: Can I get waxed or sugared if I'm pregnant?

A: Yes! Your skin can be more sensitive and tender however it is still completely safe for you. Let me know if you are pregnant that way I can better serve you!


Q: How long does my hair need to be for sugaring?

A: Your hair needs to be grown for at least 10 days. If your hair is longer, that is not a problem, I will take care of any trimming needed to make the experience the most comfortable for you.

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